52 Weeks of Quotes

Our mission is to do one thing in this Audio program. Our mission is to get you going now! Not tomorrow, not the next day or year, but now! Edward Young said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” I am with him, one thousand percent! I have more respect for the great human potential for success, than to be a co-conspirator in the procrastination arena. The procrastination profession has many qualified individuals; I am not one of them, and neither are you. Remember, “a good inspirational, action quote a day, will help us on our way,” but only if we act upon it.

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The Esteem Success Factor

In this program, you will learn to just BE. A whole new world will open to you. You will have stepped into the real game! The game of ‘Healthy Self Esteem’ is The Game. Your sales can soar and your personal life will reflect your new dynamic success. After all, “The Game Is Fixed In Your Favor”. Self Esteem with create dynamic business as well as personal success for you. You will also learn how to attract the things that are necessary for your success to you.

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Say Yes to Money

What are you predominate thoughts about money? Do you always seem to not have enough, or always have more ‘Month than Money’ at the end of each month? Your thoughts about money and your relationship with money is the key to ‘always having money’ or ‘never having enough money.’ In this audio program, you will learn ways, methods and the thoughts that will lead to ‘master money’ and to never be broke! You will learn simple, easy to implement methods and skills that can revolutionize your relationship with money. I guarantee that these methods and thoughts work if you put into action.

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Sales The 7 C’s

Sales The 7 C’s to success by learning how to Communicate, Connect and Close, by learning to utilize Charm, Character, Charisma and Class in your work! These are the 7 C’s to successful sales, marketing and even in personal relationships. Discover how you can utilize these to change the course of your career, relationships and to conquer many obstacles to your overall success and happiness. Enjoy this ‘Fantastic Voyage.’

Coming - Fall 2023