The road to achieving ‘Dynamic Results’ and attaining your goals and desires, lies in your ability and willingness to look inside; to take a good look at the engine that runs the show, called, ‘YOUR MINDSET’. Tamir will take you on a journey into ‘WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO’, how to strengthen the things that benefit you, and how to ‘glean the best’ from what does not benefit you. This will allow you the ‘Space’ to expand and to achieve the ‘Dynamic Results’, you so richly deserve. This inimitable ‘DYNAMIC RESULTS COACHING’ will put you in touch with Tamir, ONE ON ONE, weekly or bi-weekly, for approximately 50 minutes. The number of sessions will vary according to individual requirements, needs and concerns. Coaching sessions are 4, 6, or 8-week sessions.


THE DEAN’S CLASS is a 2-day 16 hour course, live with THE DEAN, along with a select group of 16 students. These 2-day private events are not open to the public and are subject to change according to certain ‘Dynamic Demands.’ The time and location will be provided no fewer than 90 days in advance. (A nominal fee will be required for all attendees)

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7 Week Course
12 Week Course
(Includes, the complete line of Audio Products by Tamir Qadree, as well as THE DEAN’S CLASS, 2-day BREAK OUT RETREAT, Valued at $1499)

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These courses are designed for those who wish to learn the methods, techniques, styles and mannerism of ‘Leadership’ and ‘Success’. Building a successful organization, and Leading that organization is key to long and short term success. Managers ‘Push’ and receive much ‘Push Back’. Leaders ‘Pull’ and are gladly followed and even admired. In short, papers, stats, numbers etc. are to be managed, people are to be led and pulled to success.

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Tamir will guide you through his ‘Dynamic Results’ technique of overcoming self-imposed barriers to your success. Some of those barriers are;

Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, Lack Conscious, Poverty Conscious, Low Self Esteem, Abandonment Issues, Worry, Greed, Anger etc. These are the ‘Enemies of Success’, that most people are not aware of. Tamir will guide through Sales, Asking, Listening, Closing and Communication Skills, that will create more success and repeat success in your business.

Tamir Qadree

‘The Dean of Dynamic Results’
Kim Ades
M.B.A. President, FOM Inc.
September 18, 2020

Tamir was my coach approximately 14 years ago. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget! Tamir laid the foundation for me to really understand the relationship between my thoughts and beliefs and the experiences I have in my life. He set me on a path that led me to building a coaching company of my own called Frame of Mind Coaching - serving executives, senior leaders, and business owners all over the world. Tamir is passionate, direct, and impactful - he is a coach that has left an indelible mark on my life.

AJ Foster & Associates
Transformational Coach & Speaker
September 18, 2020

Tamir Qadree is a awesome 'Dynamic Speaker, Mentor & Coach.'. Give him a topic and he can keep you or a audience engaged. Tamir is all about assisting his clients in achieving 'Dynamic Results.' I am happy to have him as a coach and friend.

Mike C Maxwell Master Trainer
CEO, The Power of One Inc.
September 18, 2020

One of the greatest privileges I have had, was to be mentored by Tamir Qadree. He is all about ‘Attaining Results.’ Anyone, who has the opportunity to be Mentored and Coached by Tamir Qadree, should take advantage of it immediately and achieve the results they deserve! He has a big heart and a burning desire to assist others. He is truly, ‘The Dean of Dynamic Results’.

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