Dynamic Prosperity™ 2022

Tamir Qadree, PhD and Sue WIlhite have put together a no-charge, multi-day training called “Dynamic Prosperity™” because YOU deserve Prosperity in every aspect of your life:

Money, Relationships, Work, Play – everything!

Have you felt like life was passing you by, as you see other people get ahead? In this series of four short videos, you will learn the principles Dynamic Prosperity™ and how to put it to use in your own life.

With the Dynamic Prosperity™ System, you’ll go from feeling frustrated to relaxed and relieved; from thinking you’ve missed the boat to knowing and owning your genius; from trying to do everything to letting go.

You will get the benefit of the knowledge and experience that we’ve put to use throughout our lives, in a series of practical videos.

The topics for each day:

December 28 : Introduction to Dynamic Prosperity™

December 29: What’s Getting in the Way of Dynamic Prosperity™

December 30: The Dynamic Prosperity™ System and Case Studies

December 31: Dynamic Prosperity™ – the Next Level